Multi-Element Forwards
In Opus 12, there are Forwards which have multiple Elements. To play these Forwards onto the field, you will need to generate one CP of each Element they possess, but they have stronger abilities and powers than regular Forwards. These Forwards will bring FF-TCG a fresh environment and strategic aspect!

Also, this set includes "Legacy Cards", premium full art cards which are some of the most popular cards from the past opuses. Opus XII includes the following 3 cards: [1-107L] Shantotto, [4-048L] Locke, and [6-123L] Minwu which became popular by the special illustration by Mr Toshitaka Matsuda.

Product Details
Contains 36 Booster Packs 
Each pack contains 12 Cards
Each pack contains 1 premium card

Final Fantasy TCG: Opus 12 XII: Crystal Awakening Booster Box

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